Friday, September 12, 2008

What would a librarian superhero look like?

I was catching up on Google Reader and through Please Be Quiet, I came across yet another fun avatar site, this one helps you create your own superhero avatar. It's called the Hero Machine. I played with it for way too long yesterday afternoon, considering that I have plenty of other stuff to do. I've added another 30 minutes to the time I will be coming in this weekend.

Anyway, as I was playing with what I wanted to be a superhero librarian, I started to wonder... what would a superhero librarian look like? I was really stuck on the eyes and eyebrows. Comic book heros are always scowling, angry at all of the evil in the world. A quizical or inviting look is just wrong, but we don't want librarians who scowl!

And what would she wear? I do think my superhero librarian is a woman... and I do think she needs purple hair that blows in the wind. Beyond that... I'm just clueless. What conveys smart, helpful, and yet still powerful as a guide to the universe of human knowledge?!? How about angel wings? A cat companion is a must, and if the superhero can fly, then what use is a companion who cant?
Anyone else have any opinions?

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Jenn said...

I love your superhero! Mine is a little angry, but that must have been my state of mind at the time.