Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A bit relieved

I'm heading into my third year as a professional librarian, and at my current job. I also have the best boss I have ever had at any job (that not being a huge number, but still). For the first year, I met with the director for a half an hour each week to chat about what I'm doing. I decided last year that I didn't need to do that, since my office is right outside of hers and she's easy to find. But I got frustrated about many things last year, so I decided it would be good to start meeting weekly again. I had my first meeting this morning, and while I hadn't given much thought to what I would talk about, we talked for the full half-hour.

It's a relief. My goal is to tell her what I'm spending my time on as I do it rather than just at the end of the year, or when a particular project is done. I want transparency, so that she can re-direct me, give me feedback, etc. as I'm doing it and to be able to tell her why I'm doing it. I feel like I got some transparency back, which is what I've been missing and has been leading to my frustration.

I got a compliment from her that I'm very proud of. She said as she's starting to teach, she has been impressed with the layout of the Web site and how everything she wants to show students is very easy to find and only one or two clicks.

Maybe it doesn't sound like much of a compliment, but I did a lot of restructuring of the Web site last year and I feel this is a deep compliment. If you have ever struggled to provide logic to a relatively large Web site, you would understand someone admiring the functionality you have created.


Anonymous said...

You are CLEARLY overlooking your most favorite-est boss ever: your internship supervisor David Oldenkamp. Why, who could ever top having a boss that is both a living legend and all-around genious?

Mary said...

Okay, you are right. There are many qualifications that I should have added to that statement... as in, favorite boss outside of those I had in Bloomington.

You're definitely the "boss" I'd most like to hang out with after work... but shouldn't either of us have gotten paid if you were considered my "boss"?

Katertot said...

I loved this post and not just because I got the mention. Okay, I have to go back to work now. I've pushed snooze on my alarm since 6:30 and now I'm on your blog instead of selling academic books.

Yay go us! And I wholeheartedly agree that the MLS is what you make it. I staunchly defend it as well.

Who loves ya?