Monday, September 8, 2008

Tempting second job offer

I was notified by a friend that Walden University is looking for a part-time librarian. I worked with this friend at the office that Walden contracted reference services at Indiana University while I was in grad school. It was the best experience ever, and while it was utterly exhausting, I loved it. I have mentioned before on my blog how much I miss the intense reference that I did with their graduate students.

Unfortunately, the ad doesn't say how many hours per week "part-time" is. I believe I am perfectly suited for this job and would love to do it in the evenings/weekends. I have been thinking of getting second job, but I need some flexibility and I need to make it worth my time to be tired a lot. We could use the extra money to pay off student loans and utilities... maybe even a trip to Europe next summer... This job makes $20 per hour, and that's definitely worth it!

They surprisingly do require the person to attend residencies. They mention this very casually, mixed in with a bunch of other things I would love to do. I don't think I could travel to many residencies. My current job takes top priority, of course. But it would still be nice to work this in.

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