Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reimbursement woes

The hoops that one has to go through to get reimbursed are incredible... and heaven forbid you forgot the right procedure... I used my own credit card to buy my plane tickets and registration for ACRL, then submitted the forms to the business office. They're throwing a fit and saying since I didn't use a company credit card, they might not reimburse me until 30 days before the conference... that's a lot of money to go without for six months...

I'm tired now, I hope to have something more intelligent to say tomorrow.


Andrew said...

This stuff is a pain anywhere you go. You're definitely not alone.

Mary said...

I know I was lucky to get money in the first place for professional development this year. And I'm sympathetic to all the things that other people try to pull with the business office.

I just hate to cause more work for people, esp. my director who is having a serious family health crisis and has more important things to worry about.

It will be resolved eventually.