Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second job out of consideration

At the end of the day yesterday, after getting on Walden's prospective student list in my search for information, my friend wrote and said the job is 20 hours per week. I am looking for 10, I could probably stretch to 15, but I'm almost positive I could not do 20 hours no matter what the schedule. It would interfere with my work here, it would not be good for my new marriage, and I don't need that much of an income augmentation.

Furthermore, I looked up what undergraduate programs they have, and they are business and information services degree completion programs. These aren't my most comfortable fields.

I'm a little sad this morning because I miss the work. I love my job here and would not give it up just to go back to distance librarianship. I love working with the students face to face and interacting with them casually. I love the students here and have an enormous amount of school pride (for the first time ever!). The new head librarian there has done some amazing things that I would love to be a part of, and I have been meaning to pick up her book on library Web site design. But I'm still basking in how lucky I am to be in the job I am in. So each job has its benefits and drawbacks. Overall, where I'm at wins hands down. So while the description suits me perfectly and I really miss the work, I will not be applying.

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