Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Left Out

Again from LISNews, Walt at Random is making a list of librarian blogs (and NOT library blogs). I want to be included on that list. I fit all of the criteria, except he wants at least one post from 2007 and I started this blog in January 2008. Oh, and I guess I'm not "visible" enough according to my Technorati rating... and I was so proud I was up to a 6.

I'm happy to have this list of library-related blogs, but I feel so left out :(


waltc said...

Don't feel left out. If you're not already on the LISWiki weblogs page, go add yourself. If this study succeeds, I might do another one which case the cutoff date would probably be 12/31/08, and I'll come up with some better "visibility" cutoff than Technorati. In any case, I'm not maintaining a blog directory; LISWiki does that.

Mary said...

Thank you Walt! I did add myself to LISWiki, thank you so much for pointing this out!