Monday, September 15, 2008

Productive Weekend

I had every intention of putting a few hours in this past weekend, and I didn't. But I was productive, anyway. I am nearly done with this year's batch of Harry Potter costumes for Harry Potter Night in October. I finished the Grey Lady's costume, made myself a new black Victorian walking skirt to go under my green robe, and the green robe got some improvements... well, actually minor simplifications that make it look soooo much better.

My birthday is coming up and I told my husband I can't handle not having a digital camera anymore. We're going to look for one this week, so soon I will be able to put pictures up of the new and improved costumes.

The next project will be sponge-painting bricks onto a huge piece of muslin to turn into the wall leading towards Platform 9 3/4. We plan to hang this over the front door to the library... though we'll have to remember to lock the sliding doors open so people don't slam into the glass... though it would be appropriate for book 2, wouldn't it?

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