Monday, September 1, 2008

Reference Universe Case Study

Over the weekend I got an e-mail from Reference Universe about their updates. I'm excited about the new code for a search box. We had code some school created on our Reference Portal, but it doesn't work well off campus. I'm hoping the new code works better off campus.

More importantly, last spring I did an interview with them for their case study. We were to be their first baccalaureate library. I never heard from them when or where they were going to publish this, but the link to Baccalaureate Library case studies leads directly to the interview with me! I'm very excited about this. I had thought I had botched the interview, but the writer took everything I said and made it sound really smart.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
Please be assured your case study will have a prominent role in the new website now undergoing major renovations.

Also, we're going to be releasing another widget to permit you to put the Reference Universe search box right at the library home page, type a word phrase, authenticate users, and show results. Much more to come in 2009, and thanks for all your help.

Eric Calaluca
Reference Universe