Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Avatar

I created my avatar on this morning. I've been trying to get to that site for days and it has been down. I played with Yahoo Avatars yesterday afternoon during my break. It is a full-body avatar and has lots more choices, including a library background. Still, this one has more charm and it's not a bad likeness other than I part my hair on the side. That wasn't an option if I wanted curly hair.

I also created one for each of my co-workers... I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but they're so cool!


Susan said...

This summer we "simpsonized" ourselves.

We did a new student orientation themed around the Simpsons and used our Simpson staff picture in that. Now, we're using it on our section of the college's new Intranet page.

I use mine in my email signature from time to time. It's a decent likeness and that way staff and faculty who don't know who I am can kind of get a sense ;)

Mary said...

Oh, I am very jealous about your new student orientation. I really want to bring in themes and game-like activities. Unfortunately, I'm not in charge of that and the librarian that is isn't interested... I can't imagine our director would go for that kind of risk, but she never stops surprising me.

It sounds like fun... do you have any pictures?

Katertot said...

I LOVE your avatar Mary! It really looks like you and is very cute. I'm really going to explore that. And the Simpsons one. I totally forgot to call you - will try tonight.