Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Discoveries & Cat Update

After many technical glitches, I attended a webinar this afternoon on Aquabrowser's My Discoveries feature. We have had Aquabrowser for two years now, and got it when it was owned by TLC. We have our catalog through TLC and they have excellent customer service, and give us special pricing as one of their few academic customers. We're seriously considering swapping Aquabrowser for Indigo either this Christmas or next summer, and have been involved in its development.

I am particularly interested in the Web 2.0 features in catalogs, more so after a discussion at CiL in April. My Discoveries adds Web 2.0 functionality to Aquabrowser, particularly the ability for patrons to tag, create lists, write reviews, and rate the books. It looks great, though the same thing as Indigo, which has these tools built into the main product. My Discoveries is out of the question right now because of cost, but I want to stay current on options and push for Web 2.0 whenever I can (at least when it's well-implemented). Whether or not our students will use it will be a completely different question.

The update on my sick cats is that now the other one has a bladder infection. Maybe she did the whole time, I didn't take her sample in since she didn't want to give me one. Today will be day three of the antibiotics, I am really hoping they get better soon!

The cats are having a difficult time adjusting to the new house. I finally got the girl cat to walk around the house with me, and she slept with us until the boy cat came in and made lots of noise and I had to kick them both out (you don't want to put a closed door between the cat and the litter box). This morning, the boy cat was exploring the bathroom while I was getting ready. He suddenly decided jumping into the medicine cabinet was a great idea. I guess at the top of his jump he realized there was no where to go, so he was dangling helplessly, holding onto the cabinet door. Sometimes I wonder what goes through his little mind.

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