Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Citation Tutorial and Cat Update

I met with the head of the Writing Center this morning to discuss the citation tutorial we have been working on since Christmas. I think it's almost entirely done!!! There was one suggestion I haven't followed up with from an English professor, but it should be minor. I just wonder which version he saw, because today we found lots of technical glitches that were making the interactive parts not work properly. I can't believe I didn't check to make sure it ran smoothly before sending it out.

Now I need to brainstorm a way to find out how effective this tutorial is. I have two instructors involved at different levels, and could probably talk another one or two into participating. I would want a survey as well, but effectiveness is a key thing to measure.

Cat update: My girl cat is a week into her antibiotics for her bladder infection. That's cat #2 with a UTI in the past 2 months. While I was getting dressed this morning, I noticed my boy cat was backing up against the wall in a strange posture. I asked him what he was doing (because talking to a cat is always so productive), then he started peeing. I went to pick him up and he continued to pee. I described this to the vet this afternoon, who said it sounds more like a behavioral issue than a UTI symptom, but it doesn't hurt to get another sample. Sigh, it's not over yet!

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