Thursday, July 31, 2008

Annoying vendor reps

There is a woman from a stock art company that is practically harassing me by e-mail because an obscure page on our Web site doesn't link to her company's site. It's a commercial site that people would have to pay to use its resources, so it's not a high priority. I was going to add it, but now I'm just annoyed and don't want to. I think the e-mail I received this morning must be #7... if it is, I haven't responded to #3-#6. What makes it even more annoying, she provided a long list of links that don't work... what on earth is she doing checking our links, and it looks like links from our whole Web site!

If any of the five readers I have are familiar with any tools that can check external links, please let me know. Dreamweaver is great for internal links, and I have tried Xenu and W3C. I couldn't figure Xenu out, and W3C's tool is incredibly slow (it can take up to 15 minutes to run a report, that needs to be re-run if you accidentally click out of it, then some of the links really do work and it can't check others, and I don't trust it's getting everything right. Basically, it's a mess and not much faster than checking the links manually.

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Anonymous said...

I use Xenu to check our external links. It doesn't catch every last broken link, and often it reports links that aren't really dead (just ones that require authentication or which are temporarily down), but it's proven pretty effective for us. We run it every 1-2 months. There are ways to modify the settings so that you only get the real broken links (not redirects, not page anchor problems, etc). Let me know where you got confused with it, and I can try to explain... (although I'll be on vacation for the next week!)