Thursday, July 17, 2008

Favorite Literary Food Moments

Author Jane Brocket chose her top 10 food moments in children's literature. I want to rise up to the challenge and pick 10 of my favorite food moments, though from all books that I have read, not just children's books.

1. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe
I love the food-fight scene, but the best food moment is the gruesome part where they feed the murderer to the mean police officer who is looking for him. It's strongly implied, but not explicitly described. When the police officer gobbles up his third or fourth helping, the waitress tells him, "the secret's in the sauce." I've eaten barbecue at the Whistlestop Cafe in Juliette, GA. My younger brother would not stop saying that line. I have to say, the fried green tomatoes and the barbecue were both excellent.

2. Like Water for Chocolate
This whole book is about the main character's feelings coming out in her cooking. I think my favorite scene is towards the beginning during the wedding reception of her true love to her sister. Everyone at the wedding starts suffering from her heart break and it ruins the wedding.

3. Holes
I love the clever way the author has weaved pieces of the family prophecy throughout the story. Then towards the end, when they're starving, he fulfills the prophecy by carrying his friend to the top of the mountain, where they find water and onions. The onions are enough for them to regain their strength, and if I remember right, protects them later from the deadly lizards, that in turn protect them from the bad guys.

4. Sweetheart Season
The crazy, but good-hearted cereal factory owner thought anything could be solved with a good bowl of cereal first thing in the morning. Throughout the book, he had all kinds of crazy ideas of things to do with cereal beyond as a breakfast food.

Hmmm... This isn't as easy as I expected. I'm going to have to think about more memorable food moments and come back to this!

5. Harry Potter
Someone pointed out in a comment that I didn't mention Harry Potter. I had been thinking about HP, but there are so many food moments, it's hard to pick just one. Possibly it would be in the very first book when Hagrid cooks Harry sausages and gives him a birthday cake. I don't think they tasted very good because Hagrid's not a very good cook, but it was the first time in Harry's life that he felt love. I love when food is a symbol of affection. Food is also a part of the very beginning of Harry's friendship with Rob, when Ron shows off his sandwhiches and Harry buys tons of candy off the cart for them to share. Again, food and affection go together. Of course I'd love to have an evening in the great hall with all of the food made by the house elves... though I would prefer it if they were freed house elves!

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