Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book by Jessica Fletcher

I went to the public library during lunch to get a new book on tape. While I was browsing their audio book collection, I saw they had a book called "Murder She Wrote: A Vote for Murder." I used to love that show when I was little and it was a big treat to watch it with my grandma.
Anyway, it has Angela Lansbury on the cover, and then I noticed that the first author listed was Jessica Fletcher. For those of you who are too cool to have watched this show, that was Angela's character's name. Half of the people in her little town of Cabot Cove, Maine were murdered, and someone is murdered every time she travels anywhere. In the show, she is a mystery novelist for profession and amateur crime solver that no one ever believes. I read the author bio on the back, and they describe the fictional character! I have heard of pen names, but has anyone ever heard of a book supposedly being written by a fictional person? I am so confused.

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