Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Promoting RSS

I put together a Web site and handout for cool, free tools that faculty might find interesting. I had my first meeting with a faculty member in his office yesterday. I think the most useful thing is the RSS feeds. I was skeptical until I realized how easy IE7 makes them, and now they simplify my life so much. When I have a free 10 or 15 minutes in the day, I can hop over to my chosen feeds and see what's new. Of course I still don't have time to read them in depth since I don't have Internet at home and I have to get some work done here, but one day...

Anyway, I'm either explaining the advantages of RSS poorly, or it cannot be explained. I think I need to bring my laptop with me and actually show them how cool it is. It really is easy to make it a part of your life, something I don't find natural with many of the trendy technology thingies out there... hence why I am the librarian techie imposter.

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