Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Agressive Promotion

We have a Web site we call our E-Reference Shelf that I don't think anyone uses except the librarians (this month has seen 38 views, most were probably a mistake or a librarian). Under the Web Design category, we have links to places where you can get pictures, including the big stock photography databases that sell pictures for tons of money (as in $100 or more per photo). In a previous lifetime, I worked in a graphics design department that purchased such photos (or just took them, they weren't too picky about copyright). However, at our college the students are not required to use this as far as I know, and I'm sure couldn't afford the prices.

Anyway, there is a really agressive promoter who has e-mailed me a number of times to try to get me to link to her stock photography's Web site (which I won't name yet). I believe I just received her fifth e-mail asking me why I haven't made the change yet. I ignored the first one, then told her I would eventually add it when I got around to it the second time, but now it's just annoying and I will not add it. I tried to explain it doesn't matter; no one goes digging that far into our Web site looking for stock photography!

Gale recently hosted a Webinar that I didn't find useful as it was just a plug for their products. I hung up about halfway through (don't you love that about Webinars?), only to find myself bombarded with follow-ups and advertisements for their electronic reference databases we couldn't possibly afford. When our sales rep heard about it, she took care of it! I wasn't the only one who complained. It was wonderful and a refreshing change. At least someone realizes that getting overly agressive will just hurt your cause!

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