Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was so excited about my Web site on a professional server yesterday, and for some reason there are some computers that cannot view it. They simply show a "Page cannot be found" screen. Which makes NO sense.

A student approached me yesterday afternoon saying he was using RefWorks from home and ScienceDirect was not exporting references to it. Each site was working fine through the proxy server, but it would not let him export to RefWorks. A librarian reproduced the error when she was home. EBSCO is working fine, we assume the others are as well. So I had the pleasure of contacting Elsevier's help desk first thing in the morning. Besides LexisNexis, they have the worst customer service of any library vendor I have dealt with so far. No one ever seems to know anything and they don't see problems in the same way we do (what, I'm supposed to tell a user to redo their whole search in the Advanced Search page so they can set up an RSS feed???). We'll see how many days it takes them to call me back, it certainly wasn't today. I wasn't expecting that.

I was asked by a communications professor how much I knew about Microsoft Publisher. I had never used it, but having used PowerPoint, Illustrator, and some similar Adobe product that probably doesn't exist anymore, I felt pretty comfortable with it. So I'm teaching it next week. I'm a bit tired of teaching for the semester, but I'm very excited about this. I guess it's because it is something creative.

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