Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Lesson of Librarianship

For one of my library school applications, I had to interview a librarian. The head of information services at the Evanston Public Library graciously spent over an hour answering my questions. I have long since lost the write-up I did on that interview, but two things continue to stick out in my mind about that interview I did over four years ago. The first is that despite the stereotype, librarians don't know everything, they just know how to look it up. The second thing was that librarians don't have to be organized, they just have to appreciate organization.

I'm reminding myself of this over and over as I just spent over 2 hours cleaning my office. I still have a 3-inch pile of stuff I haven't put away yet. I am NOT an organized librarian, though I envy those with organization skills. I just found my campus directory which I have been looking for all semester, several CHOICE cards from 9 months ago, and a newsletter I was supposed to read and return to the library director.

At least I have only one injury to report - banging my shin on the over-stuffed trashcan.

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