Saturday, March 29, 2008

Presidential Visit

Look for Lycoming College in the news tomorrow. Bill Clinton just came to give a talk in our gym! Our tiny little school in our tiny little town! It just got announced yesterday and it's already over. I had to go, I mean, how can you pass up seeing the former President of the United States when he comes to speak only a few hundred feet from your desk??? I don't feel comfortable putting any of my political opinions up here since I can never hold my own when I get into a political debate. But I will say he is very charismatic and an excellent speaker.

Oh, and he was wearing cowboy boots with his expensive suit. I think my French host families will enjoy that next time I write.

I thought of embedding "Hail to the Chief" for this post, but decided to respect my few readers, esp. if anyone happens to be reading this at the reference desk!

I went to the photoarchives of the local newspaper and found a picture of the visit that I appear in. I highlighted myself in a red rectangle so you can actually see me. If you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger view. This is so cool!

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