Thursday, March 13, 2008

Article Ideas

As I'm trying to read about customer service in the Internet age (or whatever you want to call it), I keep coming up with more questions I write in the notes that could possibly be articles in the future, perhaps for other people, assuming they haven't been done yet (I'm not taking the time to find that out).

Students turn to the Internet before coming to the library or even using our digital resources. We keep talking about the convenience factor and our technology developments focus on making research more convenient. I'm also wondering how much literacy is a factor. The information posted on Web sites are often not written by scholars, and are thus much easier for the student to understand. Does a students preference for the readability of Web sites factor into their preference for Internet research vs. the scholarly articles we keep encouraging them to go out and find... many of which we don't understand either?

Okay, maybe this question is not something that interests anyone else, or perhaps there are a thousand articles on this that I just haven't come across.

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