Monday, March 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Naked and New Web Knowledge

I walked through the back office just before lunch and the technicians were passing around what first appeared to be a nudie magazine. It was a recent edition of The New Yorker that had nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan with a Marilyn Monroe wig. The library's original copy disappeared. I wonder what happened to that... One of the technicians put a "Received by the Snowden Library" stamp on each photo... not on the nude parts, she felt that would be censorship. But she was hoping that would make it less desirable to steal. We'll see. I would like to write some short stories about the things that disappear around here, particularly the five-foot-plus cardboard standup of Abe Lincoln... I passed around other copies of New Yorker without looking at them for an instruction class earlier today. They were examples of popular magazines. I guess I'm glad that one wasn't one of my examples, I never would have gotten them to pay attention to me.

And I would like everyone to take a minute to view my new Web site. It's actually not new, as you will see on the dates. I created this for a class in grad school and I have been promising my mom for two years now that I would get it up on a professional server. My mother was my "client" and this site is for a charity my parents are very active in. I finally figured out between yesterday evening (despite my Daylight Savings Time hiccup -- got to work on time and accidentally stayed an hour late at the reference desk, I bet that's a new one) and lunch today. It needs updated, but now that it is up on a server with its own pretty URL - is so much better than

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