Monday, June 30, 2008

New ARTstor

I am loving the new ARTstor. It no longer opens in a Java client, which means your normal IE browser tools are still available to you. The search is still slow, but I don't think that is avoidable. Saving images in IE is still very quirky. You either can't change the file name from what ARTstor wants to call it, or you have to use Firefox to save images to your computer. You can change the name in IE if you don't mind choosing Image Viewer as the program you want to use each time you want to open the picture (though you lose the metadata). Now that I know this and can help students without telling them they need to go to a non-public computer and download Firefox, I can live with it.

But I am so happy that it no longer hijacks my browser window! Yeah!!! Now if they can go back to making JSTOR work better... it was much better before they tried to make it more like ARTstor.

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