Monday, June 23, 2008

Mobilizing Generation 2.0

I just returned the book Mobilizing Generation 2.0: A Practical Guide to Using Web 2.0. This would be a great book for non-library people who were new to Web 2.0 or at least skeptical of it, but otherwise is of little use. I went to Amazon to see what other readers thought of it. I think the professional reviews only came straight from the book, so they were overwhelmingly positive, of course. I was surprised to see all three amateur reviewers were overwhelmingly positive, too.
I'm not saying it is bad. It is clearly written and the author's enthusiasm comes through clearly. It's just there was nothing new for me. If you are in libraryland, then I suggest reading Meredith Farkas's book instead. It covers the same material, but makes the library connection clearer. It's also longer, but it does cover more Web 2.0 tools.
I expected much of the book to be old news, but I was hoping to find out more about getting young adults involved... engaged. That will remain a mystery for the time being. I found out about this through a purchase slip, I am glad we didn't bother to purchase it.

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