Friday, June 13, 2008

The little stinker struck again

Okay, I will get back to library stuff soon. However, today's incident is more related to libraries than the first one.

I went to leave this morning and pulled a few things out of my bag, to find that once again my cat had peed on them. Once again, our house purchasing contract was in the bag. There were four or five copies, but somehow I ended up with the original, so I can't get rid of this copy. I'm hoping the bookstore has some plastic sleaves I can put the pages in. I can tape them at the top, and no one ever has to touch it.

On top of that, the pee got all over my wallet, cell phone, lots of disposible odds and ends in my bag, and most importantly, all over a library book I had checked out at the very end of the day yesterday. I put that in a plastic bag and took it to the head of circulation. I'll leave it up to her what to do with it and what to charge for it.

My mom thinks it is time to get rid of the cat. I don't know what is wrong with her. She clearly climbs down into the bag before peeing, she's not just peeing on top of it. This is not a habit of hers, and she wasn't locked out of the bedroom last night. I don't know what she had to be angry about. I can't get rid of her, I have had her for too long, and then again I am only 85% sure which cat it was... I have learned the pattern now, though. Don't leave any bags on the floor, and lock all important papers in rooms they can't go into.


Kim Babcock Mashek said...


I have a cat like this and my mom always is saying to get rid of it but my husband and I found out that it is our cat's sign that he has a bladder infection. It's the only way to get our attention that he needs medicine. This might be the problem. It also might be an issue that the cat has some anxiety about things and peeing on your bag demonstrates this.

Anonymous said...

Peeing in your bag is SOOOO much fun. It is now my hobby.