Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm catching up on LISNews, which seems to have changed a little, so my RSS feed wasn't being updated. I stumbled on their version of the library worker who lost her job after refusing to work at a Harry Potter event. I've discussed the case before and can't find any new info online. But the comments are fascinating... The comments on LISNews are clearly against her, while comments from non-library-land are overwhelmingly for her.

Some comments refer to Harry Potter as a religion, which seriously bothers me, but that's another issue.

I need to look this up after work today, but I really don't think freedom of religion goes so far as some of these people claim, that a person could demand every Tuesday off, because their devotion to the Flying Spaghetti Monster called Tuesdays the holy day of the week. Can you imagine how much abuse that would get? Colleges usually have a list of days a student can get out of class for religious reasons, and if it's not on that list, it must be approved. I assume, until I learn otherwise, that reasonable accommodations must be made. Whether or not this woman was offered a reasonable accommodation makes all the difference in the world.

I'm really itching to get outraged at this story, but there's just not enough information available!

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