Friday, August 29, 2008

Sports illustrated

Does anyone else have a problem with labeling Michael Phelps the "Alltime Olympian" or the "Greatest Olympian Ever"? I do not want to downplay his achievements, please understand. But how can you be labeled the greatest Olympian ever when you happen to be in a sport where it's even possible to win multiple medals? What about volleyball, or figure skating, or bob sledding, or curling... There aren't multiple events in which to compete for many (most?) Olympic sports.

I guess most of these news sources are targeting audiences with less-developed critical thinking skills, or at least who don't want to turn their critical thinking skills on at the moment.


Andrew said...

I agree. The man is the world's best swimmer. But I might be the world's best choral singer and no one's going to call me the Greatest Musician Ever.

Alysha said...

What I have a problem with is the SI cover photo. It looks like Phelps is wearing a halter top bikini! I do a double take every time I see it. ;)