Friday, August 8, 2008

Amazon's MP3 Player

We watched a movie called Saint Ralph last night that my parents have been raving about for months. At first we didn't like it, but when the story started picking up, we got into it. It still ranks a bit high on the cheese factor, but the more I think about it (and I haven't stopped since it ended last night), the more details I draw out. I guess that's the sign of a good movie. During the climax scene, they played the song "Hallelujah," which I have heard on other TV shows before by various artists and I think it's one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I had looked for it online before, but with such a generic name, and without being able to spell it correctly, I never did find it.

This morning I had no trouble, and to boot I found that Amazon now sells individual MP3's. I downloaded Allison Crow's version for $.89 in a matter of a few seconds and nothing could be easier. I am perfectly happy to pay a dollar per song to be legal and retain my holier-than-though attitude on copyright (I'm kidding, I've still got lots of CD's other people burned for me), but couldn't get the Napster software to work on my computer.

I'm always worried that everyone else in the world knows anything I say already, but I hope it helps some people who are willing to buy individual songs but not tech-savvy enough to use other sites. Amazon's is very easy to use, and they're likely to already have your credit card information, so try it out!

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