Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer Projects

So I just met with the library director and got my list of summer projects approved. These are my projects:

  • Adding interactive aspects to the Web site as my skills allow.
  • Explore library use of widgets and Web 2.0 technology tools for marketing, instruction, and customer service. This includes investigating the use of widgets in Moodle for instructional purposes.
  • Implement or experiment with other things learned from CiL2008.
  • Weeding a section of the reference collection including the Atlases.
  • Revisiting customer service and reference. I did this last summer, looking for ways of attracting more students to the reference desk. I think we were successful. I want to see if there are any new ideas.
  • Try to get Xenu to work, or some other tool for checking external links on the library Web site.
  • Update the brochure we provide student teacher supervisors.
  • Come up with a plan on implementing LibQUAL+ in the spring.
  • Contact one of the statistics professors to see if he can help us interpret our annual library satisfaction survey. Perhaps look into turning this into an article about what to do while waiting for LibQUAL (this was my director's suggestion).
  • Stay on top of what IT is doing with student and faculty portals to get a library portal page implemented as soon as possible.
  • Consider an article on Web 2.0.
  • Plan collaboration with the Writing Center. The head of the Writing Center is on a 9-month contract, but if we can brainstorm something before she leaves, I can do some preparation over the summer.

Professors and students are amazed that we have stuff to do when there isn't anyone else on campus. I think this will keep me very busy for the four months of uninterrupted quiet. Now that I've posted what my summer plans are here, next time someone acts surprised, I'll just send them this link!

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