Monday, April 28, 2008

Britannica & Free Blogger Access

I just read in LIS News that The Encyclopaedia Britannica is offering free access to bloggers. I have access through my library, but they allow you to link to their full text articles on your blog. I guess they're going to comb my site and see if I'm legitimate, I will be very surprised if I don't pass the test, I'm sure it's already annoying how often I post.

If it works out, I could link to all kinds of things and be a good librarian role model instead of linking to Wikipedia.

If anyone else is interested, you can find their application form here.

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Kunal said...

I am positive you will receive your complimentary subscription. I should also point out that another easy way to find relevant Britannica articles is to subscribe to Google's Subscribed Link program ( and add EB. Now each time you search on Google, if there is a relevant EB content then it would be on the first page of Google results. -- Kunal Sen (Britannica)