Thursday, April 10, 2008

Computers in Libraries 2008

I just got back late last night from Computers in Libraries (CiL). It was absolutely wonderful, I'm so glad I went. It was an instense couple of days. I wish I were surrounded by this type of people all of the time, I think I could accomplish some great stuff.

I'm still trying to recover from being gone for three work days at this time of year. I've run out of space on my to-do board and almost everything is in red.

For those of my readers who weren't there, keep an eye on my blog and I will summarize some of the stuff that stood out to me the most as I have a moment to sit down and look at my notes.

Of course it was also great to meet some friends from grad school and make a few new ones... as well as see some of the celebrities of the library blogosphere.


Katertot said...

I'm slowly turning green with envy. One of these days I'll get to be a librarian again. Until then I'm relying on you to keep me up to date.

supernumerarypa said...

If you visit this blog, you'll probably get more updates than you ever cared to know!

I love Shelf Awareness, you were right about that!