Friday, April 4, 2008

Headless Chicken

This week is turning out to be incredibly stressful. I have a million little things to do, which is much more stressful than one big thing. I know I'm going to leave for Computers in Libraries having forgotten to do some small but important task.

I am wondering if a disproportionate amount of bloggers are going to CiL. It seems like every blog I read discusses going or even presenting at CiL, but I know it is a small conference. A former library school classmate just wrote on my Facebook wall today saying she is going. Thank goodness for Facebook and the means it provides of sending brief messages like this one! I am looking forward to this conference much more than I have looked forward to ALA, even if I won't get to see my dear internship supervisor or any of my close grad school friends.


Katertot said...

As long as you are an organic, farm-raised, free-range, cageless headless chicken that the Juniata librarian and I can pet and not eat, it's okay with me.

supernumerarypa said...

No cages here, I'm not sure about organic.

I love you, my favorite veggie-librarian-friends!