Monday, February 4, 2008


Today is one of those overwhelming days when I'd love to just say "I quit" and go home and put my jammies on. Instead, it's 7 pm and I'm still at work. I taught through lunch today, too. Weird tech stuff keeps happening. Sue and I have been unable to post Office 2007 documents on our server, but IT had me download some compatibility thing, and that seems to have resoloved the problem. But I haven't tested a public computer yet to see if students will be able to open an Office 2007 document without this download. It's on my list of things to do tomorrow. We also have two new trial databases and International Political Science Abstracts wasn't showing LinkSource links (these help you find the full text if this database doesn't provide it), nor was it showing subjects if you did a keyword search. It did show them if you typed a keyword and then asked it to only search the subject field. Fortunatley, that seems to have been resolved. EBSCO didn't send the URLs for these two new databases, so I didn't know how to link them to our home page. Fortunately I called before wandering around, lost in cyberspace, for too long. I have had recieved excellent customer service every time I have called them.

I did a program last semester on identity theft for the FYRST program (freshmen) and told people they really needed to check their credit report histories frequently. Finally, my fiance said it was time I looked at mine since we're planning to buy a house soon. I discovered that when I consolidated my student loans, most of the old accounts did not get closed. So my report says I am in twice as much debt as I really am. I really need to start practicing what I preach. Until then, I'll just hope that this isn't too difficult to clean up.

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