Thursday, February 7, 2008

Creative Reference Promotion

I caught up on my American Libraries Direct and there was a great post on a library who takes famous movie posters (Mary Poppins, Jaws, Wizard of Oz, Sopranos, etc.) and puts the librarians' faces on it, turns it into a postcard to send to students before each semester. They are so funny, but they have noticed a big improvement in reference appointments. You can see the gallery here.

I had a great class last night. It was the business practicum students. They are currently doing an internship, but also meet weekly for various topics. I covered career and interview resources, and briefly touched upon Linkedin and blogs. They were very excited about the blogs, or at least they were clearly paying attention at that point. The professor was thrilled with this idea, and may have future practicum groups post their internship journals as blogs. Then the business Web site could link to them, and the students could use them to prepare for jobs and interviews. So they serve many purposes. Several students said they planned to come to our presentation next week. A communications professor requested 70 handouts to give to her students, and I plan to pass them out to my upper-level class this morning. So maybe we'll get a small turnout after all!

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