Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interesting Web Sites

When I mentioned not knowing other sites to use as examples in information literacy classes when discussing Web site evaluation, a friend of mine gave me the following example. It's called the Institute for Historical Review. It looks like a legitimate site, but if you look up what other sites say about it, it is a group dedicating to convincing the world that the Holocaust never happened.

Here is a site that collects good examples from a librarian at Iowa State University. My friend has found this very useful. She found this one good, but not as good.

The following has nothing to do with libraries at all, but came from the same friend. It's an organization called Active Minds on Campus that is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness. They just started a chapter on her campus, and this is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. If there was a social issue I would like to handle, it would be mental health awareness. So many people need professional help and society has attached so much stigma to needing that kind of help. This group is dedicated to solving this.

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Hey, I got a shout-out on your blog! Best Valentine's Day present ever! I heart you!!! <3

~Other Mary :)