Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don Quixote

I just won an e-bay auction for this Don Quixote statue. I can't wait for it to arrive. I believe I have previously mentioned a need for this mascot to stand in my office along with an attractive printout of the lyrics to "The Impossible Dream." Now it is on its way. I suppose others could see this in various lights. In one way, he embodies optimism, seeing a down-trodden prostitute as a beautiful noblewoman, believing he can make the world a better place, and so forth. Yet one cannot deny that he is delusional, that he has "laid down the melancoly burden of sanity," as the musical puts it. He represents admitting that what we do and the battles we undertake are futile no matter how good one performs...

In reality, while I do feel like I have been fighting some windmills lately, I am collecting this out of humor. If you haven't seen my office yet, I have two book shelves covered in dolls from around the world, a plate from the town I lived in France, several Little Prince dolls, a Jareth action figure, and lots of Harry Potter stuff (house flags, McGonagall's hat, the seven books, a standing Harry cutout, a paper Dobby, potions, and books with spine labels taken from the Hogwarts library, and much more).

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