Friday, January 16, 2009

Statistically complimented

We do a short survey each year that gets about 400 responses. This past year was the fourth year we've done it, so it was the first year we had enough data to really dig our teeth into it. Last summer, I gave my report to the stats prof. We both got busy and forgot about it, until this week. He just stopped by and said the report was very impressive, and only made the comment that some of my line charts should really be bar charts so it doesn't look like something changed over time. He said that was very common, and it's easy enough to fix. He said I must have had a stats class in college, but I didn't! I tried to take business stats, failed the first test, and dropped the class. I was trying to take 20+ credits that semester, but it seemed clear to me I wasn't as gifted in stats as I am with traditional math.

I feel this is a real compliment to my intelligence, so I have to brag about it a little. I'm supposed to be collecting faculty comments for my annual review, but I don't know how you'd capture that.

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