Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reading assessment comments

Reading comments on a survey is an emotional roller coaster. Of course you're thrilled when a professor writes how wonderful the current group of librarians is, you dread having to address common complaints about librarians or student workers being grumpy, you feel useless when they ask for more computers or to get the art gallery moved somewhere else (we can't control these), frustrated when they give incomplete answers or ask for longer hours when the extreme hours get little use, and outright angry at some comments.

They want more computers, food, more resources, more quiet, less quiet, group study rooms, and longer hours.

I'm going to have to remind myself that there's no room for emotions in assessment. But that's hard. And it's hard not to just shrug and say "sorry, we can't do anything about this," when perhaps we could do something with some creative thinking.

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