Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I went home last night, fidgety and pre-occupied. I had tons to do there, but couldn't handle anything more than crocheting... though even that can be a little stressful. I realized the word of how I feel right now is "harried." But it's stress I'm putting on myself. I don't want to put off developing my games and learning about gaming. I do want to do whatever I can to fight plagiarism, which at the moment is quite a lot. I want to get more involved with the community, both on- and off-campus, and the activities I have volunteered for are things I very much enjoy. I'm also reading some very good books and am obsessed with crocheting, and trying to give my husband enough of my time. The easy answer is to just say "cut back," and it is tempting to do that and re-find my balance (I'm a Libra, balance is important). But I can't. I want or need to do it all, and I must figure out a way to be more organized and to relax when I'm not at work.

Speaking of plagiarism, we had our first freshman comp class today. We're breaking the class up into four groups, each group gets a plagiarism scenario. They talk about what should be done and the issues involved. It went very well, and so did the voting for best group. We discussed Wikipedia in the context of whether or not you could take material from an un-copyrighted, free online source like Wikipedia, when a student wanted to argue its reliability. Then I stumbled on this YouTube video (one of a series of spoofs off the same German movie clip):

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