Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The road not traveled

I get depressed when I get Miami's alumni magazine because I want news of people I knew in college and lost track of, and in a school of 17,000, it's rare that I ever recognize anyone's name. Working at a campus of 1,300 and reading their alumni magazine, I feel like I've missed out. You are so much more likely to see people you know listed there. But Miami's German Dept. periodically publishes an alumni newsletter and it sometimes makes it to one of my mailboxes. I got one today, and I at least recognize one name. She was my roommie on a mission trip to Macedonia, and someone I would love to get back in touch with... and she's on Facebook!

And on another note... Please encourage every student with the faintest spark of interest to take advantage of study abroad programs, and to make friends from all over the world! It's an experience they will always look back on, and an important event that will shape the type of person they become. They will probably never again have an opportunity to be placed in such a social atmosphere as they do in high school or college. It will make them reflect on themselves and on our country in ways they could never do otherwise, and see the world in a whole new light. We really need more people to see the world from a more-informed perspective. Please, get the word out!!!

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