Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This week, I'm trying to become a more technical librarian. Of course, that makes me an imposter because I tend to be very old-fashioned. I'm so excited about the Computers in Libraries conference in a few months, and have been pouring over their most recent magazine issue. There are so many cool things that real tech librarians are doing, though not all of them are really getting any use by students. I want to come up with things students will think is cool and worth visiting our site for. I'm going to add more news items to the library blog and try to get faculty to sign up for the RSS feed... though first I have to explain what RSS is, of course.

My first effort is to re-join the blogosphere and turn what was a very personal blog into something I wouldn't mind students, professors, and other librarians reading. I am starting to sign up for RSS feeds of other librarians' blogs, and some are really good. I just read one that had some facinating entries on technology and librarianship, then she linked to other blogs she had for other specific purposes. She discussed how the Internet is everywhere and nowhere at the same time and couldn't understand how people could live without cable Internet at home. My fiance has dial-up, but I never use it at home. I spend enough time on the computer at work.

Perhaps it is those last two lines that truely show what an imposter I am for wanting to become a tech-ier librarian!

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