Friday, January 25, 2008


We had two very strange meetings today. In the first, a guy who came to sell us clickers wasn't ready to go until 40 minutes after our scheduled appointment, then things kept not working and he didn't really know that much about the product. He also made us late for lunch, though not as bad as was originally feared.

The second meeting was via WebEx (an online meeting) on a potential new catalog interface. It allows for lots of types of personalization, making book lists, getting access to relevant RSS feeds and other non-library materials, and some other cool stuff. So we're very excited about the catalog interface, but then he spent 45 minutes talking about "scrum". To my limited understanding, this is a software development management theory in which lots of small groups do bits of the development. You can read about it on Wikipedia if you're interested. If so, you're more of a geek than I am. Anyway, after 45 minutes of being scrumed, I think we all felt the need to take a shower, go to confession, and hide our whereabouts from the police.

I spent the last 20 minutes playing with my cyber-pet tiger, who would occasionally roar through nothing I was doing. I guess I could have turned the sound off, but it was a pleasant distraction.

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