Sunday, January 27, 2008

Books and Keeping Up

I stumbled on a librarian's blog that was all about what she read for fun. At the beginning of the month, she tallied up her books for 2007 and compared them to the past few years. I strive for a novel a week, but wasn't sure how I did over the entire year. So I tallied them up (I keep a Shefari account and an old-fashioned book journal) and the total was 60 books. So that is 1.15 books per week. I'm currently stuck on the Three Musketeers, which is really good, but really long. I've got about 80 pages of very tiny type to go, then onto the original Sweeney Todd.

It is my Sunday to work today and I'm taking advantage of the quiet to catch up on my listservs. I had about 230 unread messages when I went in since I haven't been keeping up. I was upset to learn that LexisNexis had a roundtable discussion for instruction librarians at ALA Midwinter that I could have gone to. Their sales people have admitted the new interface is a disaster, but I would have liked to get my voice heard. I guess that is my punishment for not keeping up.

I got a book through Interlibrary Loan called "Blogging and RSS: A Librarians Guide." I don't remember why I requested it, it's very basic. I'm still hoping to find something useful in there for promoting my two blogs and RSS feeds, particularly among faculty. I also have a 1-inch pile of stuff to read and pass on that I should probably get done today.

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