Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogging Ideas

My friend in publishing (a.k.a. "the dark side") got me interested in a daily e-newsletter for the publishing industry. There was an interesting article about indie bookstores using blogs as part of their marketing strategy. I looked at the store they mentioned, which can be found here: Books in Northport. There are comments on the entries and her profile has 266 views since last September, so I am thinking she must get a reasonable amount of traffic. I just e-mailed her to ask how she steers her customers to her blog and hope that something in her response (if she responds) can inspire me to find ways to get the students more involved in this blog or the library's blog.

Speaking of Indie Bookstores, I must add a plug for Otto's in the heart of downtown Williamsport. I've been looking for the most recent edition of Sweeney Todd by Oxford Press because it's the first time the original text has been reassembled since its original publication in serial format over 100 years ago. At a mall bookstore in Philly last week, the clerks were annoyed that I was in line for something I couldn't buy there and I left empty-handed. I went to Otto's and three people were busy at different computers until they found what I wanted. I could have ordered it from Amazon, but would have had to pay shipping and it would have taken them longer to deliver it. Nothing beats the personal service at a good indie bookstore, please don't let them go extinct!

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