Monday, May 19, 2008

Where's George

I came back from grabbing lunch at the snack stand to find two one-dollar bills on the library floor, just inside the front door. I just went out quickly and had some money in my pocket, so I'm not sure if I dropped it or if someone else did. I don't think it was there when I left 3 minutes before. Anyway, one of them was stamped on the front and back in red ink, telling me to go to and find out where my new dollar has been. It seems to be pretty new and only one other person has registered it so far, in New Enterprise, PA (what kind of a name is that???). You can see my report here (they even make it clear what the URL is so you can send it to friends or post it on your blog!).

This is really fun. I couldn't resist running to my computer to find out where this has been. There are all kinds of fun tools and stats to look at (PA is the second largest bill-enterers!).

Here's to bringing fun Web 2.0 tools to the masses!

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