Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Britannica & Free Blogger Access

So I got permission to use and link to Britannica a few weeks ago, but I foldered the e-mail and haven't gone back to it since. But I was reading the Liminal Librarian, who linked to the Wikipedia article in Britannica (to play with her new access) and I found that once you get in through a blog, you can move around to the links on the page. You can even use their search box to get to other articles that aren't related. This seems extremely generous... which makes me nervous! Call me skeptical!

Anyway, try it out: Web 2.0

I actually like the layout of this better than the main layout. I know the main layout has many more features, and some of these features are really cool (I was fascinated by the desktop feature I saw demonstrated in a Webinar a few months ago). However, I was playing around with it while working on my "game" and trying to get students looking at the articles and found that it wasn't obvious there were another 29 pages to the article. I thought those two paragraphs were the entire article, which was terribly incomplete. The table of contents is also much better and clearer in this bloggers' format (check out the article on "petroleum").

I do see how linking to this can be useful, and will try to remember this more often when I write!

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