Monday, May 12, 2008


I met a friend from library school this weekend and did typical librarian stuff like go to Trader Joe's (food) and pour over the collection in a great used bookstore (books). The only thing missing was cats, but we certainly talked about them enough. What else to librarians talk about for fun other than food, books, and cats?

She taught me a new word when we were in the bookstore. I said that I wish I had a phone with Internet access so I could directly put book titles into my Shelfari wish list. Writing it on paper isn't good enough for me anymore! She exclaimed, "Talk about metageeking!"

This word intrigues me. My library school friends are technically up with things, most of us took the information architecture class that required writing HTML and CSS code from scratch without Dreamweaver. We stay in touch on facebook, Shelfari, and blogs. Most of us use RSS feeds and iGoogle, are addicted to cell phones and texting (okay, I haven't got into sending texts, but am okay with receiving them). This list would go on if I stopped to think of other technologies that are very ingrained in how we live. As I play with these more and read more about them, I know I am becoming more of a geek than I already was. I have to stop myself when I start rattling off geeky stuff to people who are not as into these technologies as I am (which is most of the people I have daily interactions with).

I am very excited to have a new word to describe what I'm doing... "Excuse me, I just started metageeking again. Please let me start over in English!"

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Katertot said...

Wow, you really DID blog it. That rocks. I'm a part of internet history now. In a good way! Thanks for the shout out, girlfriend. :)

P.S. Had buckeyes for breakfast