Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Checking out people

There's a neat article from Santa Monica's public libraries that they offered live people that could be checked out for a 30-minute conversation. These people talked about topics like Buddhism, veganism, nudism, and homelessness from their own experiences. It was an effort to promote tollerance and understanding. I wonder if this could be done on an academic campus? We could find staff and faculty who have unique life experiences that are willing to be "checked out." Or perhaps find people in the wider local community. Would students be interested in this? I don't think the article mentions how successful the program was.

I downloaded Camtasia's free 30-day trial to see how suitable it is for creating the games I've been working on. It's definitely much better for how-to tutorials than Flash. It does have a quiz feature that offers multiple choice and text entry. If it offered "hot spot" questions (having to click on the right part of the picture) and drag & drop, we'd really be in business. It also greatly limits your design as far as I can tell from the five minutes I played with it. I don't think this is necessarily bad, as long as you word your questions to keep with the story of the game. I'll play with it further and report back.

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